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You may have noticed as its been live for a little while now, but my portfolio now includes a Film section.

These photos were all shot on a Canon AE-1, a film SLR made way back in 1980. I bought it at The Photo Shop in Torrington on a bit of a whim. Just a couple months after buying a 60d I was feeling a need to refresh my work. These feelings, no doubt stemming from the miserable winter we had, turned me onto film. After trying to navigate through a few shady ebay auctions of semi-working cameras I decided just to go buy one at the store. Anyways…

Even before I got a film camera I knew the purpose of the pictures it would make. Simple shots of friends and family. Just for fun; snapshots, moments. If this strikes a chord check out the Dasein video below. The way I shoot film is rather spontaneous. I can shoot 5 rolls in an hour of hanging out with friends, or I can go 5 weeks without making a single frame. It is a lighter, freer act than my usual photography. Of course I love my usual photography, but the simple yet long process of shooting film is a refreshing break from it. So, enough of this somewhat senseless explanation of what Ive been up to with the AE-1… here are some pictures in the portfolio and you can check the rest out in the linked text above.



Take a break from your work and check out this extraordinary message and documentary on the groundbreaking Dasein project. Enjoy, and let your mind wander a bit.


I was driving down route 138 through Kingston, Rhode Island when Kristina and I broke in to what must have been our fifth argument over the directions.

“We’re supposed to be on that road,” she said after glancing back and forth between the road signs and our map a half dozen times.

“But you told me I just had to stay straight…” There was no way this was my fault. She had even pointed.

“Yeah, stay straight on the same road. You just turned off!” On second thought, maybe she was right.

“Are you kidding me? This road was physically straight ahead. The one we were on was turning.”

“You’re stupid. Don’t talk to me.” Lol.

We did end up making it to Shelby’s place less than an hour later. She rents a house just off of the Narraganset Shore. After a great lobster dinner, we took a nice little photo walk to the beach. And by photo walk I mean I stayed in front of Shelby with a camera pointed at her and throwing out occasional crude remarks to make her laugh. That night we covered the dunes, some odd stone ruins, and some light water splashing as the light was fading. The next morning I buckled my camera into a waterproof bag and we all went for a swim. Despite the mass of insects migrating out of their seaweed habitats and into the girls’ bikinis, I got some fun shots. Later in the day we dried off and went for a walk along cliffs that overlooked the ocean. Shelby, being her bubbly self, became an incredibly enjoyable photo subject. So much so that, without realizing the amount of work being produced, I shot over 800 pictures in two days. Here are 30 or so shots from the weekend.



I got started on Google Plus today. Gotta say, I may already like it better than Facebook. It is similar to moving to Mac OS from Windows; it is way cleaner and it really works.

I believe the social platform finally opened to the public. There shouldn’t be any more need for invitations or waiting lists but just in case, here is 150 invites for you: Make sure to add me if you’re already on. As much fun as it is with three people in my circles over there, I sure could use some more friends 🙂 Here I am:

The most notable thing I’ve enjoyed so far is photo sharing. Photos are way bigger. You don’t have to squint to see one that has just been posted in your feed, and upon clicking on a picture an even larger view with meta data or commentary information is instantly available. One thing I would like to be able to do is reorder the photos within an album, but maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Another perk is that it works in school, at least so far. Its integration with other Google services seems to trick the filters into thinking its an iGoogle page or something. Hooray.