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I have never been a huge fan of horses. My only experiences with them were subpar guided walks with them at commercial stables, and a sour game of red light, green light as summer camp with a horse who didn’t know how to stop. Or maybe I was doing it wrong. Whatever.

But ever since seeing Konrad Brattke‘s perspectively warped photo of a donkey (I think it was a donkey). Similar to this shot:

I have had an interest in shooting portraits of animals. Fast forward a few years to October 5, 2011 and I’m shooting the horses at Lee’s Riding Stable as part of my art class.

Here are some of my favorites, enjoy.

I have to admit, after spending some time with these grand animals, I really do want one. And of course, and chain mail suit, and a shield, and a large sword holstered in the saddle.



I had a crazy week. Last Saturday, the 8th, I left for Plymouth, NH after work to spend the weekend with Kristina. Besides for the Plymouth State University campus being just about empty on the holiday weekend, all was good.

We spent Sunday afternoon outside at the Flume Gorge, just thirty minutes north of the school. For a walk it was kinda pricey at 14 bucks a person, and if you end up there at some point, I recommend trying to sneak around the long admission line to avoid paying. Anyway, here’s the gorge:

As you can see, the crowd here more than makes up for the lack of occupancy on PSU campus.

I left Plymouth in the late morning, spent about five hours on the road due to traffic and got to Litchfield in time for dinner on Monday. All I had to do now was get through school on Tuesday. Simple enough due to the field trip to the Horse farm during periods 1 and 2.

After school I went to work until 6 and got home with ten minutes to pack for Arizona. The next 24 hours went something like: drive to Rockaway, New Jersey. Settle in and get some sleep. Wake up. Drive to Newark Airport. Board plane to Phoenix, Arizona. Rent car. Drive to Red Robbin. Eat large burger. Check in to hotel.

My family and I had a great trip to Arizona. It was pretty brief but we packed a lot in. On Thursday we rode the Verde Canyon Railroad. The ride was amazing and the rest of the pictures were views from along its tracks.

Well I’m back in Litchfield since this morning and I get to go to school tomorrow…