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I started playing with film about a year ago. In a cycle opposing most photography careers, I started all digital and turned to film recently for a break from the noise. No, not sensor noise, just noise. I used a Canon AE-1 with two lenses–35mm and 50mm–and mostly Kodak Gold films with a few Porta binges. My film workflow used to go something like this: Shoot – Negative Only Process @CVS – Scan to Digital File – Edit in Aperture and/or Photoshop. Now, I have added Kodak Tri-X into the mix, replacing CVS processing with my own.

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If you are one of the 6 people who haven’t heard, GoPro released their new line of cameras this morning at midnight. Faster, more powerful, and way sexier. Also- built in wifi on all models. See them here.

Watch the video below. I recommend clicking over to Youtube for 1080 res and full screen.


Kickstarter blew off its roof this past month.

People were worried that a drastic increase in the number of products would be detrimental to the community. More projects, more competition, less money for everyone. Their blog post proves this is not the case however. A rising tide really does float all boats. With more publicity and traffic, the amount of donors/backers has grown along with the number of artist who host projects. Read up on the linked post for a more detailed analysis.


The Facebook Timeline update is probably the first UI upgrade in their history that hasn’t been met with barbaric uproar across the internets. It is pretty slick, after all. The flow of information is much cleaner and more importantly, the photos displayed on the Timeline are now much bigger. They almost rival G+, almost. One of the new features that I really like is the Cover Photo. The way it is placed, overlapped by the Profile Picture, makes for some pretty interesting options.

It is not too difficult to take some screen shots of the Cover Photo layout and figure out the dimensions and crops needed to make an integrated Cover/Profile art. But I already figure it out when I did my own, so I might as well share. Click to download a Photoshop Action folder to create yours.

The file above will download as a group of actions. There are actually two separate actions. The first creates a PSD with the dimensions that you will need. After you add your own photo, the next action will create the two separate images that you will need. If you have never used Photoshop actions, check out this tutorial on how to load and use them.

Once you have the “Facebook Timeline” folder loaded into the actions panel just follow these steps:

1. Play the “FB TIMELINE CANVAS” action.

  • This action will create a canvas with the necessary dimensions for the next steps. The size of 1704 by 704 pixels is double the resolution I lifted off of a screen shot I took of a Facebook profile. I doubled the size of the canvas simply to insure enough resolution. It is still a small enough file, so the workflow and upload online shouldn’t stress your computer or your Facebook profile at all.

2. Open your the photo you want to use in another Photoshop window and drag it  into your new canvas. You can also copy and paste an image or use any other method of inserting your picture.

  • A note on the photo you choose: Keep in mind the wideness of the composition. It is way wider than anything I am used to working with. When I used my wake boarding photo I had to use Content Aware Scale to stretch the photo a bit so it would fit right. Also, remember where the profile picture will be located. The actions however make it simple enough for you to make multiple versions with different crops of your photos. Make a bunch and decide what works the best.

3. Once you have your photo positioned how you want it, play the “FB TIMELINE CROP” action.

  • Woohoo! Check out that automation! If all goes well, you now have two separate images. A square Profile Picture and the rectangular Cover Photo. The action does not save either file, so that is up to you. If you want to save them for a later edit save them first as PSD’s. If not, just save them as full quality jpegs.

4. Upload each picture to its proper place on your Facebook Profile.

  • All done! Go brag to all your friends because you have the coolest Facebook Profile!

Hope you enjoy, here’s some more inspiration: Get Creative With New Facebook Timeline Cover Ideas


I got started on Google Plus today. Gotta say, I may already like it better than Facebook. It is similar to moving to Mac OS from Windows; it is way cleaner and it really works.

I believe the social platform finally opened to the public. There shouldn’t be any more need for invitations or waiting lists but just in case, here is 150 invites for you: Make sure to add me if you’re already on. As much fun as it is with three people in my circles over there, I sure could use some more friends 🙂 Here I am:

The most notable thing I’ve enjoyed so far is photo sharing. Photos are way bigger. You don’t have to squint to see one that has just been posted in your feed, and upon clicking on a picture an even larger view with meta data or commentary information is instantly available. One thing I would like to be able to do is reorder the photos within an album, but maybe I just haven’t figured it out yet.

Another perk is that it works in school, at least so far. Its integration with other Google services seems to trick the filters into thinking its an iGoogle page or something. Hooray.


Just received the latest addition to my desk: a 2TB G-Safe. This thing rocks.

I finally have enough room to store new photo/video files. And, the RAID hardware allows an automatic mirrored backup. I don’t even have to set a schedule on ChronoSync anymore.


I’ve been attracting small animals by the boat load lately. Or maybe by the rowboat load. 7 beavers, a fox, and a heron, which apparently is not the same thing as a herring, in the last week.

Here is a beaver I saw swimming under a bridge in White Memorial. The reason I was there was to film a 60 second landscape challenge. I spotted a heron down river and took my 60 second clip of that. Check it out:

Btw, you may have noticed the new youtube channel. This is my new home for all Jack Pope Photography related video. Im almost done setting everything up. All other captures will remain at the jackpope1 channel.