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I have done less work here on the blog this month than I usually do in a week. I haven’t even published a post in 14 days. Summer is here and with it comes relief and the denial of all things intellectual. I’m hoping to turn that around with some new pictures, ideas, and recommendations coming up in the next week or so. This probably shouldn’t even be considered a post itself… I’m just publishing it so it will make me follow-up with new media as soon as possible.



Here are my long-overdue Old School Photo Challenge pictures:

Unfortunately I was unable to do the challenge extra credit and stay away from Photoshop. Smoke rolled onto the beach from the fires in Quebec and I lost just about all of the contrast within the scene. Here is a smoky original:

I cleaned it up with a curves adjustment among other things:


Location: Between two flimsy trees in my backyard. Talk about exotic locations…

Camera and Lens: Canon Rebel XS w/50mm f/1.8 lens.

Lighting: Natural backlight

Creative Process: Michael wanted the picture to be wide and include the entire scene. I framed that at first but there was so much space he was soon lost in the picture. With the 50mm view his height is still apparent but the body movement is more intriguing.

Post Production: I added some contrast with curves, brought out the greens and yellows with selective color, and added a vignette with masked curves.

BTW, I borrowed the information layout from The Still Image With Crash Taylor.