You may have noticed as its been live for a little while now, but my portfolio now includes a Film section.

These photos were all shot on a Canon AE-1, a film SLR made way back in 1980. I bought it at The Photo Shop in Torrington on a bit of a whim. Just a couple months after buying a 60d I was feeling a need to refresh my work. These feelings, no doubt stemming from the miserable winter we had, turned me onto film. After trying to navigate through a few shady ebay auctions of semi-working cameras I decided just to go buy one at the store. Anyways…

Even before I got a film camera I knew the purpose of the pictures it would make. Simple shots of friends and family. Just for fun; snapshots, moments. If this strikes a chord check out the Dasein video below. The way I shoot film is rather spontaneous. I can shoot 5 rolls in an hour of hanging out with friends, or I can go 5 weeks without making a single frame. It is a lighter, freer act than my usual photography. Of course I love my usual photography, but the simple yet long process of shooting film is a refreshing break from it. So, enough of this somewhat senseless explanation of what Ive been up to with the AE-1… here are some pictures in the portfolio and you can check the rest out in the linked text above.


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