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A post card from the beach.

I spent the last week in Narraganset, RI/Eastham, Cape Cod/East Dennis, Cape Cod in a last ditch attempt to spend some time outside of Litchfield before the outset of the school year.

(Beach in Narraganset- iPhone)

(Beach in East Dennis- iPhone)

(Brazilian Grille Chicken Hearts- iPhone)

While in RI, I shot Shelby’s senior pictures. Those will be coming soon, in a theater near you. Here is a sneak peak/outtake.



Dug up this video project I started in May for some friends working on a Spanish project. We ended up dropping the project after this scene as it was a bit ambitious and time was running out till due date. Anyway I thought I would share it for kicks, even though I never totally finished editing the sound. Still makes me laugh.



I already posted these pictures on the Jack Pope Photography Facebook page so you may have already seen them, but I think Andrea deserves a second look– plus I am including a couple film shots here. Yup, real film. Here are those. (Click for larger.)

I just can’t get enough of that grain.

Andrea is an absolute doll. I had a blast shooting her at one of our shared favorite locations around town, Topsmead. These grounds are great for photos and as the sun was going down we had a beautiful, warm backlight to work with. And I am still, weeks later, excited about many of these. Here are the rest of the photos, as seen on my Facebook page. (Again, click for larger.)



As promised, here’s a refreshed portfolio:

New photos, graphics, and prices. Enjoy 🙂

A peek at two new portfolio shots:


(Cell Phone)