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12 FROM 2010

Once again, I have pulled out twelve moments from the year. A favorite photo from each month. I moved last year’s from facebook to the blog yesterday, and after looking through it I realize I have come quite a long way. I was super excited to publish it in January, but now I’d rather not anyone see it. I have focused myself on people shooting as reflected by this collection of all portraits as oppose to last years variation in genres. Well, here we go.

January: Backyard skiing. My camera broke just after this shot.

February: Joey just fell on his ass after toppling out of the snow-fort.

March: My favorite picture from the LHS Spring Play cast headshots.

April: My cousin during a visit t0 the park on Easter.

May: Blaise playing soccer in the basement.

June: Joey gives fashion a try out on the water.

July: John with a splashy wakeboard start.

August: An album cover for Michael.

September: Overnight climbing trip at Orenuag Park.

October: A cookbook imitation for kicks.

November: A family photo of sorts.

December: Dom, a pink light, and some bracelet string.


12 FROM 2009

I was sifting through images to create a “12 from 2010” album/blogpost when I remembered my “12 from 2009 was a facebook post, created before this blog existed. So I am reposting it here as a little teaser for the “12 from 2010”, which will be posted tomorrow. Here is the original post from January 1st:

Borrowing an idea from @chromasia ( who borrowed it from Momentary Awe ( I am publishing 12 pictures from 2009. Both linked posts are without a doubt more interesting than mine, but I enjoyed looking through images of the past year. I saw my growth in both concept and technique, along with my changes in interest and subject matter. Wishing to take my photography more seriously some of my photographic goals for 2010 are:
tripling the amount of pictures I took last year
publishing a website
publishing a blog
building my studio
shooting more portraits
and to keep building my knowledge and experience
My New Year’s Resolution last year was, “I want to take things less seriously.” Honestly I think I did a pretty good job with that, maybe even too good. This year I want to continue to look for a balance between enjoyment and effectiveness with everything I do. After some thought my new resolution is, “I will find thrill and amusement in every possible situation.” I hope you all have a great year and I recommend looking through your pictures and recalling 12 great moments you captured throughout 2009. Happy New Year!

I began to experiment with light and landscapes usually using the sun

Using the bathroom as a darkroom I attempted “light painting” or using a moving flashlight as a paint brush

First event photography with Mr. Litchfield

Trying some wildlife stuff in my backyard… out of a lot of pictures this is the only one I really like

Michael was really excited to be attending prom

We went climbing for my birthday and I got to try a little action photography (I have more of this stuff I will publish soon)

Getting fine-arty in Cape Cod

A reading project for Mr. Bucklin

Some panning at the Fireman’s Parade

I loved this forest we stopped at outside of Flagstaff, Arizona

Blaise spent so much of his year with that Go-Kart we had to grab some pictures

We were visiting my cousins on christmas day and I was very impressed by these “kid-proof” cameras they all have


A great conversation on modern learning in 10 minutes:

“What do you do when the information is all around you? Why do you have kids come to school if they no longer have to come there to get the information?”

“You have to become comfortable with this idea of allowing kids to fail as part of the learning process.”

“The culture of one right answer that can be properly bubbled on the average multiple choice test.”

“That is the absolute wrong thing to ask. To tell kids to never be wrong.”

“Asking them to communicate ideas in a different way was a little bit uncomfortable for them.”

“Failure is instructional.”


I got my new camera, the 60d, which shoots video, the day before Thanksgiving. In hopes of trying out the whole dslr video thing I told Michael we should make a quick music video. Something simple, a few verses in front of a borrowed beat. Written in half an hour. Recorded in one take. Played via laptop + iTunes as we filmed. In our basement. Simple as that… a few sets of clothes and a couple of hours. The day after Thanksgiving we had all our footage. After that I had some software issues and forgot about it for a week or two. But Tuesday night I set out to finish it, editing the same way I did in 6th grade, with iMovie HD. Hope y’all enjoy this quick + dirty video. Of course, more stuff like this to come.