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As I mentioned yesterday on the post about Banksy, I have some new pictures to share. Sara and Casey came over on Sunday afternoon and spent a good chunk of the day making pictures with Kayleigh and me. The purpose was to create some new work for Kayleigh’s makeup portfolio, which is in its early stages. I just finished the retouching on the final images, except for one composite that isn’t quite ready. We shot one look inside and one look outside for each of them. I was aiming to have more time to work outside, but with the rain and wind it became very cold, especially for people wrapped in sheets and wearing leotards. My lights also failed to fire when getting setup outside so I had to scrap the idea of using artificial light, bump up my ISO, and work between f1.8 and f2.8. Fun stuff.

Enough with the rambling, checkout these gorgeous girls…



You may have already seen this, as it went pretty viral over the last couple of months, but it is worth a read if you haven’t. Or just read it again. I am less interested in the control of media and the misuse of advertising than I am about the way Banksy views trademark, copyright, and stealing as a necessary component of art. Check it out:

See some of his work here.

Also, tomorrow I will be posting photos from a shoot with some beautiful friends. Here is a sneak peak:


The other film I scanned in this past weekend besides for the lake pictures  consists of a lot of pictures of my brother, Michael. On two separate days, both from the fall I broke out the Canon AE-1 and got some shots of him climbing, and attempting to boogie board our flooded river. And yes, it was just as stupid as it sounds.


I found a roll of film from uh… July. I got the negatives developed yesterday and just finished scanning them. Also have some rolls from the last couple months that I’ll throw up here this week.

I made these pictures with with a $9 film underwater camera that doesn’t seem to be sold anywhere. At least, I can no longer find it on B&H or Adorama. Not the best image quality in the world, but a fun little camera to have around on the water.



Click over to to see photos of supermodels without makeup, hair, lighting, and any sort of production. I found this to be quite interesting. The women are already attractive in the before pictures, but the stark difference in appearance is shocking. Goes to show there is more than throwing a beautiful woman in front of the lens.