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Here are all of the pictures from last weekend’s Cape Cod escapade. You may have already seen some on Facebook, but I just finished scanning in my film from the beach to add to the collection. The tuna proved to be illusive, but we did manage two bass and a bluefish. Check it…

Fishing (digital):

Beach (Kodak 200 Gold):



Here is a little, 40-second video I made tonight. It’s a simple landscape video, not unlike the one I shared here.¬†Featured is a small section of the Bantam River, located just behind my house.

I aim to do quite a few more of these. Perhaps one every week. Stay tuned… more to share tomorrow.



Kapri Pitz posted an awesome painting on Facebook this week, modeled after one of my photos of Rachel. I thought it was so damn cool it had to be shared here as well. Enjoy.


Felt like playing around in Photoshop today, so I dug up some old pictures to reprocess.

The first is a panorama I shot way back August, 2009. I never even stitched this thing together. While it isn’t the most serene, well-lit landscape ever, it is a cool view off of a popular hang gliding launch in the West Hartford area. I like the off-balance feel and I left the geometrics uncorrected as well because, when having the idea of hang gliding in mind, I quite enjoy the curve of the horizon and lack of perfection.

(Click for bigger)

The second image is from June of 2010. It’s a super early morning shot of the boardwalk in town. I posted a series of these pictures on here just have I made them, but I don’t believe I ever published this one. Today I brushed it up with an eh, not so subtle color gradient. Is it a little out of place and artificial? Probably. But it looks cool too, in my opinion anyhow.

 (Click for bigger)