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Just a heads up, I created a Jack Pope Photography Facebook page, which will be the new location for my blog updates and most of my photographs. Like me over there if you wish to stay in the loop.

For the next few days… I’ll be blogging Andrea’s senior portraits here tomorrow (already published on the new Facebook page) and I’ll be publishing an updated portfolio out of on Tuesday. After that update, being the first one since February, I will be updating the site more frequently to share my recent work.



I loved working with Rachel because while she was at times unsure of herself, as to be expected when you throw a girl in front of a big camera lens, she was super enthusiastic and ready to work with whatever I gave her. We shot some images in Litchfield’s town center (the ally behind @ The Corner) and some as very simply lit, studio set-ups. I am extremely happy with these finals in how, I believe, they have captured a bit of Rachel, and I can’t wait to work with her again.


Leadership training is quite the industry. Countless speakers around the country sell their words to hopeful, maybe even gullible, kids, who are eager to learn about the very vague subject. Some talk about leadership as some kind of domination game. They provide tips on gaining followers and convincing others about ideas. Gaining followers. It seems way more cynicaly ambitious when we’re not talking about Twitter.

The idea of leadership is absurdly overplayed. Kids who are associated with the label are beginning to think of themselves as superior of those “others” or “followers.” It’s not about starting an army; it is much more personal than that.

A Leader Is:

  • Someone who can provide solutions simply and effectively
  • Someone who chases uncomfortable situations
  • Someone who is able to accurately express a vision
  • Someone who is refreshing and approachable

A Leader Is Not:

  • Someone who wants followers more than an audience
  • Someone who labels him/herself as one; especial on a college app
  • Someone who goes to every meeting early
  • Someone who goes to every meeting

I tip my hat to the few great people I have come across thus far who really understand this. They have made this conference worthwhile because on this basis of  agreement they have been able to really teach me more about people, and why exactly we are here. The thing is: It’s not about dedication or respect or morals or substance control or any fantastic character attributes. It is all about moving in your own direction.

Let’s collaborate instead of doing teamwork exercises. Let’s quit half of that sluggishly uninteresting agenda instead of stressing balance.


(New England Student Leadership Conference)

I’m here, and I’m sweating.

That is all for now.


I’ve been really digging Austin Kleon’s Newspaper Blackout recently. And, as I work so closely to bundles of newspapers, I figured I’d pick up a marker and try some poems of my own.

Here are my daily horoscopes (Click for a larger view). I didn’t upload this to the Blackout site because with the colors and textures I added after scanning the newspaper into Photoshop it doesn’t exactly match their aesthetic any longer. Enjoy.

More tk…


Just received the latest addition to my desk: a 2TB G-Safe. This thing rocks.

I finally have enough room to store new photo/video files. And, the RAID hardware allows an automatic mirrored backup. I don’t even have to set a schedule on ChronoSync anymore.


Check out this awesome chair, fashioned from a retired ski lift: