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Kickstarter blew off its roof this past month.

People were worried that a drastic increase in the number of products would be detrimental to the community. More projects, more competition, less money for everyone. Their blog post proves this is not the case however. A rising tide really does float all boats. With more publicity and traffic, the amount of donors/backers has grown along with the number of artist who host projects. Read up on the linked post for a more detailed analysis.


@ theFIX

Had an awesome time last Friday night at theFix with Jasmine Star in NYC. Check us out!

Photo by Richard B Flores


Here are a few shots of Sierra we made when she helped me out with an art project last week. Same one I mentioned in Rachel’s post. Talk about dragging on…

But Sierra was nice enough to throw me a bone and save my grade at the last minute, so I grabbed these shots for her after we nailed the one we needed.

Makeup by Natalie Wihbey.


I finally got the chance to carve out a whole day to work on/finish an ongoing video project that we started back in November. That may mean it is 9:45 pm and I’m still in my pajamas…

Also, Joe is currently up for a college scholarship by Hood. He has submitted his words from this video as his essay on sportsmanship. Don’t forget to vote for him everyday here:


Wanna know how to be a professional photographer in five steps? No really, just click here to read Chase’s awesome post: