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This is the last (I promise) group of images/words to be posted about our cruise in Bermuda. These photos are out of a 9$ underwater camera that I have mentioned before. Not the sharpest, low-light-capable, or precise piece of equipment I have ever used, but a fun little camera to tie to your board shorts and jump in with. You don’t even have apply any over-used Photoshop actions to get the grain and light leaks.

About the fake mats, I like them, not sure if I love them. The reason for them not being applied to all of the photos is that my Photoshop crashed about halfway through the edit. Goodbye to the action I spent half an hour writing and forgot to save. Oh well.



Yesterday I posted my pictures of Hamilton, and around the cruise boat, the Veendam. Here I have pictures from the beach.

We went to Horseshoe Bay Beach twice. This is one of the touristy places I have ever been, but with good reason. The beach gets its name from the perfect curve of sand brought out to sea on each end by rock formations. At least, I assume that is where it get its name. I may be making things up. Anyway, the sand is pink, the water is blue. I’m not sure it could get much better.

Ham time.

With water matching the clarity of a fresh swimming pool, snorkeling right off the beach was incredible.

My grandparents have a picture in front of these same rocks from their trip to Bermuda years ago. I’m excited to print this one for them.

My brothers jumped off of the rock formations in Horseshoe Bay.

This kid took it to a whole new level by first backflipping off of the rocks, and then diving head-first.


I got back on Sunday from a week long cruise to Bermuda. If I learned anything from the trip, it is what I would do with about 1.2 million American dollars. Which of course, would be to buy the average house there. Two bedrooms, one bath, pink walls, white roof, .02 acres. I think I could deal with that.

What a real architect probably sees as primitive and overly-simplified, I just can’t get enough of. I love the colors, the blocky shapes, and the staggered ocean views. I’m posting all of the photos of Hamilton and the ship here now, with the rest coming tomorrow, alongside more words.