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Thought I’d share a mock crash photo quick. Props to Tyler and Mark for some awesome makeup & styling visuals.



I’ve got a picture to share!

[Click for larger]

We made this on Saturday afternoon. The plan was to go climbing, but suddenly we didn’t feel like going anywhere. “Screw climbing let’s take some cool trampoline pictures.” –I like hanging out with people who decided on a whim to drop anything in order to make something cool. So this was my brothers idea at first; we would take pictures from a low angle near the trampoline and get some action against the sky. Problem: even with the trampoline on one side of the yard the tree tops were still too far and near for the sky to be framed cleanly. It would have only taken a few minutes of Photoshop cloning to fix that, but it felt a bit cheesy.

Why not hang my camera out the window? If you can’t put the camera on the ground the sky should be your next bet, of course.

Here is my camera hanging out of my bedroom window. It’s mounted on a magic arm to a shelving set up and then roped to my desk with some steel cable. I tethered via usb to my laptop so I didn’t have to lean outwards to take every frame.

The lighting was simple: two hotshoe flashes high on stands and zoomed completely. One above the camera and one to camera-right.

Here was the original frame of the flip:

Which was turned into this through Photoshop to make for an easier composite:

I used this image for the background:

If your eyes are sharp you might notice the lack of hard light/shadow in the background image that appears in the final edit. This was my mistake. Although I did have the stands for the flashes lowered to take the background picture because it was obviously flatter and lower, they were not low enough. The light was pretty flat and I didn’t pick up on it until after shooting. So for a quick fix I dodged some hard highlights on Dom’s body and sketched in a rough shadow.

Hope you dig the quirkiness as much as I do.


Thought I’d share this wonderful ¬†experience with you all. Here is the video that we teamed with our live performance at Mr. Litchfield last Friday. Enjoy.