I was driving down route 138 through Kingston, Rhode Island when Kristina and I broke in to what must have been our fifth argument over the directions.

“We’re supposed to be on that road,” she said after glancing back and forth between the road signs and our map a half dozen times.

“But you told me I just had to stay straight…” There was no way this was my fault. She had even pointed.

“Yeah, stay straight on the same road. You just turned off!” On second thought, maybe she was right.

“Are you kidding me? This road was physically straight ahead. The one we were on was turning.”

“You’re stupid. Don’t talk to me.” Lol.

We did end up making it to Shelby’s place less than an hour later. She rents a house just off of the Narraganset Shore. After a great lobster dinner, we took a nice little photo walk to the beach. And by photo walk I mean I stayed in front of Shelby with a camera pointed at her and throwing out occasional crude remarks to make her laugh. That night we covered the dunes, some odd stone ruins, and some light water splashing as the light was fading. The next morning I buckled my camera into a waterproof bag and we all went for a swim. Despite the mass of insects migrating out of their seaweed habitats and into the girls’ bikinis, I got some fun shots. Later in the day we dried off and went for a walk along cliffs that overlooked the ocean. Shelby, being her bubbly self, became an incredibly enjoyable photo subject. So much so that, without realizing the amount of work being produced, I shot over 800 pictures in two days. Here are 30 or so shots from the weekend.



One response to “SENIOR PHOTOS: SHELBY”

  1. erica says :

    Lovin those wave pictures and the glasses. Nice to see you are doing what you love and helping your friends capture some great moments!

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