The definition of rash, taken straight out of the New Oxford American Dictionary, is: (Adjective) displaying or proceeding from a lack of the careful consideration of the possible consequences of an action.

I recently heard two middle-aged adults conversing about their children’s lives. Person A said, “He just got into sales, which should occupy him for a while because he is pretty good at it and he likes traveling.” Person B replied, “Well at least he isn’t doing anything rash.” In other words, at least he isn’t taking any risks, putting himself in uncomfortable situations, or learning from mistakes. I have trouble understanding this as being a positive concept.

Does acting rashly always have to bring along harmful implications? Our society has been educated away from risk… It is better to take the safest, most traditional route… Making a mistake will result in complete and utter failure. Safety is taught above all else. Children are often discouraged from spending too much time dancing or painting, because surely they can not take on such things as careers. In his latest New York Times article, Jacques Steinberg recognizes, “The idea that four years of higher education will translate into a better job, higher earnings and a happier life — a refrain sure to be repeated this month at graduation ceremonies across the country — has been pounded into the heads of schoolchildren, parents and educators.” More on the education side of this idea later. For now, I will offer this: Maybe we should try to be more rash. The experimental and uncomfortable situations, which result from such behavior are responsible for the most significant periods of maturation, and the learning that occurs after mistakes are made is invaluable.

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3 responses to “RASH”

  1. Gwen Pellegrino says :

    I would say, having been on this path in my own life, that when it comes to choosing a career, one should be “rash” and follow the passion in your life even if at the time it may not seen practical. Further down your journey HOW to make it practical will reveal itself. Otherwise your career will make you feel lifeless because it will have no personal meaning.

  2. Katie Bogen says :

    Every time I read your blog, I smile. Seriously, you’re sort of brilliant.

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