Business cards are useful when you want to provide a new acquaintance with contact information, but that’s about it. They should not be used as advertisements, sale promotions, or symbols of one’s professionalism. Too often business cards are used as a business owner’s primary medium for marketing and networking.

Chances are you know someone, or know someone who knows someone, in carpentry, landscaping, interior design, photography, and vehicle repair. I don’t care much for statistics, but I’ll bet most businesses attract more new clients from word of mouth networking than their tacked up business cards.

At Murphy’s Pharmacy for example, over 50 business cards are stuck to the wall next to the front door. They attract virtually no viewers. Why? On a scale of 1 to visual impact, tiny 2×3 cards fall at 0. Do yourself a favor and instead of investing the time and money in designing your fancy new business cards, take the opportunity to better your business or skills. Become known for the work you want to be hired for. Then it will not be necessary to shove your business cards into the hands of prospective clients.

take a picture,

jack pope


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