On May 6th, 2009 I posted my first Image of the Week photo. Daily photo, or “365”, projects were becoming more popular due to the ease of sharing images through social platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If I had tried a 365 project, a majority of the pictures would have been taken last-minute. Because of the inevitable frustration of trying to play catch-up with sub par pictures, I decided to start a weekly photo project rather than a daily photo project. I finished the it last week and after reviewing the final collection I am very excited to share it. Click here, or on the page link next to Front Page, above the banner.

Many of these pictures could not stand-alone. Some of them are candid or insignificant. Once grouped together though, the pixels are transformed into a sort of unsystematic, non-lateral timeline. One that never moves forward with any sense of chronology, but provides snippets of people, places, and events that are linked to my own memories. The inconsistency of both visual impact and subject matter may make it difficult to keep the attention of viewers through all 52 photographs. In the hopes of aiding short attention spans I added captions under each of the pictures. These give a brief background on the event and may include quick tech notes.

I am now reminded of how much my daily mobile uploads project needs help. Since it involves using a cell phone to record images exclusively I thought it would be much easier than a full 365 project with a “regular” camera. This may not be the case as I have only published a few pictures from my phone in the past couple of weeks. I’ll get back on track soon.

take a picture,

jack pope


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