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A blackout of today’s horoscopes at The Republican American.

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Check out this slick campaign, Talk to Your Kids About Art School, by Team Detroit for the College of Creative Studies. All the photos are here.


I had a great time at the Yule Ball Semi last night, hope y’all did as well. Here are the mystery videos, all in one place, and some pictures.

Episode 1: 

Episode 2: 

Episode 3: 

Btw, I realized just now it has been snowing on the blog, guess that means it’s actually winter.


Thought I’d share some more work from art class. The previous post on the horse assignment was the only one I have used strictly photography in as the rest of them are mixed media. A whole lotta time in Photoshop.

The first assignment of the year was an observation/still life of mechanical parts of the boiler room. I drew one of the pipes, then photographed it and combined the media in post. Here’s the final imaged and an animation of how the layers came together:

The next assignment was gesture drawing. I didn’t exactly follow that, not being much of a drawer, but I did add some loose lines into this image.

The next week was the horse assignment (shown in the previous post), and after that a dynamic figure. I chose to manipulate the features of my cousins face along with the landscape from one of my photos from Arizona.

And our most recent project was architecture. Of course, I think I was supposed to draw a part of the school building, but I had the idea of a wrecking ball in my head so I went with that.

Then next projects are landscape and bicycle, which I’ll post when they’re finished.



I have never been a huge fan of horses. My only experiences with them were subpar guided walks with them at commercial stables, and a sour game of red light, green light as summer camp with a horse who didn’t know how to stop. Or maybe I was doing it wrong. Whatever.

But ever since seeing Konrad Brattke‘s perspectively warped photo of a donkey (I think it was a donkey). Similar to this shot:

I have had an interest in shooting portraits of animals. Fast forward a few years to October 5, 2011 and I’m shooting the horses at Lee’s Riding Stable as part of my art class.

Here are some of my favorites, enjoy.

I have to admit, after spending some time with these grand animals, I really do want one. And of course, and chain mail suit, and a shield, and a large sword holstered in the saddle.


You may have noticed as its been live for a little while now, but my portfolio now includes a Film section.

These photos were all shot on a Canon AE-1, a film SLR made way back in 1980. I bought it at The Photo Shop in Torrington on a bit of a whim. Just a couple months after buying a 60d I was feeling a need to refresh my work. These feelings, no doubt stemming from the miserable winter we had, turned me onto film. After trying to navigate through a few shady ebay auctions of semi-working cameras I decided just to go buy one at the store. Anyways…

Even before I got a film camera I knew the purpose of the pictures it would make. Simple shots of friends and family. Just for fun; snapshots, moments. If this strikes a chord check out the Dasein video below. The way I shoot film is rather spontaneous. I can shoot 5 rolls in an hour of hanging out with friends, or I can go 5 weeks without making a single frame. It is a lighter, freer act than my usual photography. Of course I love my usual photography, but the simple yet long process of shooting film is a refreshing break from it. So, enough of this somewhat senseless explanation of what Ive been up to with the AE-1… here are some pictures in the portfolio and you can check the rest out in the linked text above.


A post card from the beach.

I spent the last week in Narraganset, RI/Eastham, Cape Cod/East Dennis, Cape Cod in a last ditch attempt to spend some time outside of Litchfield before the outset of the school year.

(Beach in Narraganset- iPhone)

(Beach in East Dennis- iPhone)

(Brazilian Grille Chicken Hearts- iPhone)

While in RI, I shot Shelby’s senior pictures. Those will be coming soon, in a theater near you. Here is a sneak peak/outtake.