In the tragic story of Ki Suk Han being struck by a subway train is taking a turn for the (even) worse as a sort of blame falls upon the photographer who got a shot of the event. The focus, anger, and confusion have been taken from the killer and put on photographer Mr. Abbasi, a New York Post photographer. Countless stories are being published with headlines like, “Could the Photographer Have Saved Han?”, “Man is Stranded on Subway Tracks for 90 Seconds While Photographer Takes Pictures”, and my personal favorite, “What Would You Have Done?”

When Abbasi appears on the Today’s show (watch) he is told that 80% of the polled public believes he should have done more. There is an important distinction between the opinions from the general public and the opinions from other photojournalists as it relates to this situation. Read Gawkers article here for more information on that: Would You Have Taken the Post Subway Photo?: Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographers Respond.



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