For the first time in a while we got to relax. Sleeping in till 11ish, then lounging around. Ramen noodles for breakfast. Chicken Salt flavored. I had some time to play with the gifs and photos I posted last time while Joe went for a run.

We didn’t make it out of the apartment until about 12PM. The next 12 hours however, would make up for the lazy morning. Giving up the perfect parking spot, we headed back into Old Montreal, or Vieux-Montréal, as it reads on the signs. To keep up with the trend from Toronto, we paid for parking twice. One would assume  that adding money to a parking meter would add to the allotted time. These machines started the transactions over completely. Might as well have a speaker attached that loops laugh tracks as money is added.

The Montreal Science Center is holding a Star Wars exhibit. It seemed to have a new, graphic spin to it. We showed up at 12:30 and tickets were sold out until 5:30. Oh well. From the piers where the Science Center was located, we walked West through more of Old Montreal. Ending up at a history museum, we paid a $4 ticket (student pricing of course) and exchanged the rest of our parking time for a history lesson. As it turns out, the history of Montreal is pretty fascinating. It is amazing what can be deemed irrelevant and left out of American History text books. Sure, it is not exactly American History, but with direct ties in the discover, the Revolutionary War, immigration and the Industrial Revolution, Canadian culture needs to be included at some points.

To further our touristy binge, we then drove across town to the Biodome and Olympic Stadium of 1976. We walked through the public part of the stadium. With water polo and driving. This is a picture of a scuba diving pool next to the diving pool. Ridiculously deep.

Olympic Stadium MontrealOlympic Stadium 1976Olympics 1976

We were 17 years old to get into the Biodome at a low rate. Fortunately, Biodome was nothing like Biodome, which is all I could think of when the historical museum desk suggested it as a destination. It was like a zoo, but more intimate. There were no distracting cages or over-fed, lazy animals.

After the Biodome we went back to the apartment to cook up some gourmet Easy Mac. The milk we used, although it claimed to have the same fat content as American whole milk, seemed to have been made up of %50 water, %50 lard. Okay–it wasn’t that bad at all, but I still prefer a Stop & Shop Brand. After dinner we self-toured Saint Dennis and Saint Catherine’s, the two recommended streets for nightlife. Saint Dennis was packed with people and super lively for  a Thursday night. We had some incredible red cream beer, in a bar that was exclusively stocked by local micro-breweries. We chatted with bar tender about all sorts… hiking, travel, Family Guy. We got back to the apartment around 2 or 3AM, with plans to wake up early the next morning to leave for Mt. Washington.


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