Road to Montreal GIF

Mileage: 349

Hours on Road: About 6

Provinces: 2

Also: Lots of Walking

Mapped Drive to MontrealGoogle Maps provides an illusion that this drive is rich with stunning scenery, and fresh lake air, and river-side views. The purple course outlines Lake Ontario, cuts through parks, rides along the 1000 Islands, and finally pushes through the Saint Laurence…and voila–Montreal. The reality is rather dull. This route mimics an American Interstate in its ability to bore a driver to death. Straight as an arrow (a really crappy, limp arrow), ON-401 E runs for most of the 6 hour drive from Toronto to Montreal.

Of course, 6 hours isn’t very much at all. Especially compared to the 12 spent the day before. 3 hours each–piece of cake. About an hour outside of the city, the road signs Frenched out on us. This commenced a short panic where we were unsure whether or not any sort of communication would be possible over the next two days. So we called a friend for a crash course in French, writing down words we thought we might need. He assured us that everyone spoke English, and it was in our best interested to stick to that rather than butchering every French word we came across.

Road Trip Lunch

We arrived in the city around 6:30pm, found a parking spot near the apartment, then walked into Old Montreal. It’s a historical district near the river, filled with artsy shops and restaurants. Montreal Historical Section

Old Montreal Historical Section


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