Thought I’d share some more work from art class. The previous post on the horse assignment was the only one I have used strictly photography in as the rest of them are mixed media. A whole lotta time in Photoshop.

The first assignment of the year was an observation/still life of mechanical parts of the boiler room. I drew one of the pipes, then photographed it and combined the media in post. Here’s the final imaged and an animation of how the layers came together:

The next assignment was gesture drawing. I didn’t exactly follow that, not being much of a drawer, but I did add some loose lines into this image.

The next week was the horse assignment (shown in the previous post), and after that a dynamic figure. I chose to manipulate the features of my cousins face along with the landscape from one of my photos from Arizona.

And our most recent project was architecture. Of course, I think I was supposed to draw a part of the school building, but I had the idea of a wrecking ball in my head so I went with that.

Then next projects are landscape and bicycle, which I’ll post when they’re finished.



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