I have never been a huge fan of horses. My only experiences with them were subpar guided walks with them at commercial stables, and a sour game of red light, green light as summer camp with a horse who didn’t know how to stop. Or maybe I was doing it wrong. Whatever.

But ever since seeing Konrad Brattke‘s perspectively warped photo of a donkey (I think it was a donkey). Similar to this shot:

I have had an interest in shooting portraits of animals. Fast forward a few years to October 5, 2011 and I’m shooting the horses at Lee’s Riding Stable as part of my art class.

Here are some of my favorites, enjoy.

I have to admit, after spending some time with these grand animals, I really do want one. And of course, and chain mail suit, and a shield, and a large sword holstered in the saddle.


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