Here to show some of the final images I mentioned last night. Yesterday evening I was lucky to shoot Courtney and Samantha and lots of paint. We had a blast making use of the multi-colored background and made some photos I am really happy with.

I went back and forth between two lights, one with a beauty dish and the other with a shoot through umbrella as fill, and one zoomed + snooted hard light.

Samantha has what I think is safe to call the coolest hair I’ve ever seen. Loving the bit of green paint in it.

Michael brought his speakers in so we could see some really shweet dance moves…

Moved the beauty dish behind her to add some backlight/flare. My favorite shot by far as the feeling of the light matches the feeling of the paint/hair/expression.

After we finished up with the indoor shots we took a trip down to Duck Pond Rd. to make this picture of some hipster hitchhikers.


One response to “SPLATTER”

  1. Aunt Marblehead says :

    My – never knew you boys had such ballet moves – bravo on your Mr Litchfield performance!
    BTW – funny shake informerical – I must admit, I got sucked in and purchased one -it now resides on my dresser in a non-shake horizontal position -almost resembling the state it resided on the store shelf…
    Love your site – from the photos and videos, to the insightful content, it is
    both engaging and entertaining at the same time possess a professional slat – congrats you have achieved a brillant piece – M

    PS – love the Claire pic too

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