Last Monday, Seth Godin wrote “In and Out” on his blog:

In and out

That’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make today.

How much time and effort should be spent on intake, on inbound messages, on absorbing data…

and how much time and effort should be invested in output, in creating something new.

There used to be a significant limit on available intake. Once you read all the books in the college library on your topic, it was time to start writing.

Now that the availability of opinions, expertise and email is infinite, I think the last part of that sentence is the most important:

Time to start writing.

Or whatever it is you’re not doing, merely planning on doing.

I read it quickly. Almost skimmed it. But later that day it came back to me pretty hard, as it has everyday since. Now I’m often comparing how much I am taking in to how much I am putting out. To be honest, it isn’t too impressive. With all of the snow days, and free time I’ve had after finishing my website, I am less excited to watch another episode of 24 or play another song. Through Seth’s blog I’ve improved my understanding of the dissatisfaction that comes with a lack of passionate work.

Fed up with the lack of pictures in my current Aperture library, and the delays on editing the video project I am working on, and the mindless absorption of media I have recently allowed, I set out to make something last night. Now, this is so shitty I’d rather not even show it. I did better stuff on Microsoft Paint in the sixth grade, but I want to demonstrate how badly I needed to simply create something new. Even if that something new is awful and made out of other awful pictures.

The first few pictures I came across merged with blending modes that barely work and masks that are anything but accurate. No consistency or context. It sucks for sure. But it felt good to simply click save. And now it will feel good to simply click publish.

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