I have been working super hard over the past few weeks to create a portfolio website via livebooks.com. It showcases a culmination of my best portrait work that represents the different aspects of my vision. As of now there are four portfolios ready to be published: “Faces” and “Motions” and “Cell Phone” and “Streets”.

Faces is primarily made up of not-so-traditional portraits. Some of them have been shown here, as they make up some of my favorite images from the past few years.  The photos in Motions are portraits as well, but they are high-energy action based. Climbing, snow sports, and water sports find their ways into this one. Some of these images are not sports photography sharp–and purposefully so. I like playing with motion blur and challenging exposures. A National Geographic photographer said “You don’t take a snapshot at 1/2 of a second.” Or something like that. The Cell Phone portfolio consists of 18 images taken off my camera phone in the past year. They are spontaneous and pixelated and far from perfect, which to me, makes them perfect. Lastly comes the Streets album. This group of pictures is a continuation, and somewhat of a transformation of the “Hustle” project I have been working on for quite some time. Click here or here for more info on that.

As for the appearance changes here on the blog…they are in tune with the new site. I chose to match my blue and orange theme for a more consistent brand. There are just a few more changes that will be made. Among them, I will be moving the Image of the Week page link from the top of the blog to a side bar and replacing the original position with a direct link to the new portfolio.


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