For the graphic on the personal information page of my website I kept my theme consistent with an orange and white color combination on a clean, seamless white. Here is the final image with a place holder text:

And Here are the three original pictures that went into the composite:

And what would this be without a super-awesome lighting diagram.

So how about a step by step on the Photoshop side of things…

  1. I started first off by placing my main image (the first one) on a white background in Photoshop. I simply painted out the ceiling and other obstacles within the same layer.
  2. After duplicating that layer, I sent it into liquify to make my jeans a wee bit toighter. They seemed to baggy to me so I trimmed them down.
  3. I duplicated that layer now. Then I attempt to erase the Arizona text and graphic from my t-shirt. That only takes 9 layers of painting, cloning, patching, dodging, and burning. I’m really efficient.
  4. I added the mid-level lens in from the second picture as well as the right arm. This was easier than the t-shirt, with a little bit of moving and masking I was finished.
  5. The top lens went in just as easy.
  6. Now the composite is complete and it is time for contrast and color. First, I lightened the edges of the shadows under my shoes so they didn’t bleed off the border.
  7. Next comes a S-Curve in a curves adjustment for general contrast.
  8. I used a channel mixer set to overlay to boost contrast and toning further.
  9. Lastly I created two color balance layers. One for the jeans and one for the shirt. The jeans become more cyan while the shirt becomes more yellow. This is to assist in the color combination matching for the rest of the site.

Check out the layers palette for reference:


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