I got my new camera, the 60d, which shoots video, the day before Thanksgiving. In hopes of trying out the whole dslr video thing I told Michael we should make a quick music video. Something simple, a few verses in front of a borrowed beat. Written in half an hour. Recorded in one take. Played via laptop + iTunes as we filmed. In our basement. Simple as that… a few sets of clothes and a couple of hours. The day after Thanksgiving we had all our footage. After that I had some software issues and forgot about it for a week or two. But Tuesday night I set out to finish it, editing the same way I did in 6th grade, with iMovie HD. Hope y’all enjoy this quick + dirty video. Of course, more stuff like this to come.



  1. Joe Wihbey says :

    YEAHH POPE MEISTER!! good shit, i hope norfolk rd gets more representation in the later movie

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