Yesterday I posted this picture:

in Album Cover. This is Album Cover Pt. II so I’ll explain how I came to this final image with a focus on post production. Then, at some point I’ll write a Pt. III and explain more about the space.

Light: The lighting set-up for this shot is super simple. It consists of two flashes–one behind the keyboard, pointing at the camera, and another to camera-left snooted to the chair. The only other light source is a reflector that is low on camera-right. This gives some detail to the visible side of the chair.

Shooting: I left my camera on a tripod, tethered into Aperture. As a virgin tether shooter I have to say I was pleased, although it’s not the bang bang bang fast paced shooting I usually go for. I added crops and rough contrast adjustments while tethered in Aperture. It helped while creating the set, but turned out to be a bit impractical to do once I had people standing in.

Photoshop: I decided to do my final edit for the cover using just Photoshop.

This is the original image, the only adjustment being a square crop.

To make a long story short: I cloned out the tripod leg from the bottom right corner, sharpened a copy of the background with a high-pass filter, covered the gap in the floor with a grainy gray brush, brightened the floor with a selected curves adjustment, added contrast to the shadows in the floor with a selected levels adjustment, added contrast to the green walls with a channel mixer green channel on overlay, changed the colors on the stripped wallpaper with a hue and saturation adjustment, added contrast to skin tones with a channel mixer red channel on overlay and a typo, warmed the mid-tones with a color balance, added an s-curve contrast adjustment with curves on luminosity mode, and finally added a vignette via selected curves adjustment and another typo. Blah. Blah. Blah.

So there you go…


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