Scott Kelby’s third annual worldwidephotowalk was Saturday the 24th. It was the second I have been to–last year in New Haven, CT and this year in Greenwich Village, NY. According to sign-ups over 33 thousand people went out shooting in over 11 hundred cities around the world. How cool is that? Millions of photographs were taken that wouldn’t have been otherwise, as Scott points out.

It could not have been hotter in NYC this past weekend. The exhaust filled wind tunnels which barreled through the streets didn’t help the already simmering 105 degree air. Washington Park, where we met for the photo walk, is home to a large fountain where kids were experiencing relief from the heat. If I had only packed extra clothes, I would have joined them.

On the outskirts of the park there was a group of chess players. I asked the player above for a picture. He said I had to play him for it. Five minutes and two games and ten dollars later I got my pictures. I love the smile that came over his face when I pulled out my camera. Maybe he was just laughing inside about kicking my ass twice in a row.


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