This is a sort of follow-up to the last post. While looking at the Canon D10, without much intent on buying, I clicked the informational video on the Canon online store.

The robotic voice explaining the various functions of the camera promises “this powerful processor allows for a clean, professional look and finish to all your photographs.” And again; “you can take action shots that are clear and professional-looking.”

I can’t figure out exactly what professional-looking means. I can presume they are talking about professional gear, rather than professional concept or technique, as it is a marketing video for the camera. I wish people would understand that more megapixles, faster processors, and bigger LCD screens cannot better an otherwise below average photograph. Just look at the iPhone for example, Lee Morris shot beautiful pictures of a local model with his, while Chase Jarvis has dedicated a section of his portfolio to it. The New York Times photography blog, Lens, constantly supports the medium of cellular phone photography.

When digital cameras were developing slowly in their early years, the professional levels of each camera were still significant factors. They just meant to describe the market of the camera (Professional vs. hobbyists and so on) rather than promise great images out of the camera.

It always surprised me when people think their photographs will improve so tremendously from the simple act of buying a DSLR. The only thing that makes it more desirable to have a DSLR is having complete control over the image, if you just want to throw it into auto mode, why lug the heavier camera around? Theres no sense in buying a Ferrari if you hire someone to drive you around in it.


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