Location: Between two flimsy trees in my backyard. Talk about exotic locations…

Camera and Lens: Canon Rebel XS w/50mm f/1.8 lens.

Lighting: Natural backlight

Creative Process: Michael wanted the picture to be wide and include the entire scene. I framed that at first but there was so much space he was soon lost in the picture. With the 50mm view his height is still apparent but the body movement is more intriguing.

Post Production: I added some contrast with curves, brought out the greens and yellows with selective color, and added a vignette with masked curves.

BTW, I borrowed the information layout from The Still Image With Crash Taylor.


2 responses to “SLACKLINE”

  1. Anonymous says :

    This is random, but what is the best Mount Adapter (Nikon Lens to Canon EOS Body) for the money? My research points to Novoflex, but they’re pricey (but probably worth it because of the quality). I’m trying to mount this (my dad’s old lens) to my Canon Rebel XS, as well as one other Nikon Lens.

  2. jackhpope says :

    In my opinion it will not be worth it to put a high quality lens on a converter mount. I’m no expert on them but I hear you may lose image quality especially related to focus. I would sell the lens and put the money towards a canon equivalent. Or sell the camera and put the money towards a nikon equivalent.

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