I’d like to share some stuff with y’all:

Master of Business Card Throwing: YouTube Video

  • I noted in my last post that the only acceptable use of business cards is to exchange simple contact information. After watching this video, I take that back; they can also be used as throwing stars. This kid is pretty awesome.

Moment in Time: Web Gallery

  • As you may already know, the New York Times hosted “Moment in Time” on Sunday, May 2nd. Via their blog, NYT asked people around the world to take a picture at 11:00 EST. The resulting pictures capture unique events from a variety of areas and are displayed in the gallery linked above.

Double Exposure: Bravo TV Series

  • Premiering on June 15th, Double Exposure features fashion photographers Markus Klinko and Indrani, along with the drama, which is bound to unfold. I just hope the show is more about the photography and interactions than drama, but with Bravo that will most likely not be the case.

What’s Old Is New: Blog Post

  • Daniel Milnor posted this to his blog on Friday. He offers a non-glorified view of the ever-changing wedding photography industry. Milnors minimalist attitude may make you question the necessity of extra gear.

Old School Photo Challenge: Blog Post

  • Scott Kelby announced his monthly photo challenge on his Photoshop Insider blog. The contest is part of Kelby’s efforts to raise money for the Springs of Hope Orphanage. I’ll be taking part in this shin-dig tomorrow morning. Click the link for more details.

Aperture 3 W/Scott Bourne: Creative Live Class

  • Tomorrow evening at 6pm EST Scott Bourne will present the last installment of his Aperture 3 class. Keep in mind that before the class ends you can purchase it for only 39$.

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