On Tuesday I ventured into the Big Apple with my fellow art classmates thanks to Primo’s grant writing abilities and the generosity of Target. The MET was our first destination where among other things, we saw an exceptionally large Picaso collection, an array of modern art, and Roman statues. The statues were impressive to say the least as I am used to seeing them in the flat pictures of my Latin textbook. Departing from the museum, a bus took us into Chelsea for gallery tours. I started taking pictures of the people we passed between galleries.

I had packed my point-and-shoot camera with me because unlike an SLR it is easy to slide into my pocket and I didn’t feel like walking all day with a weight swinging around my neck. It is also much quieter than my SLR. I recall people looking at me a little funny when they picked up on the sound of my maxed out shutter back in November. It was entirely different to photograph the crowd of 24th in Chelsea on a Tuesday than it was to photograph the crowd of Broadway in SoHo on a Saturday. I was able to take more individual pictures of people but I’m not sure if it still shouts hustle. Regardless, I am excited to add a few more pictures to this project.

take a picture,

jack pope


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One response to “HUSTLE PART DUEX”

  1. designhouse9 says :

    A nice little slice of NY life, circa 2010. I’m wondering if people knew you were taking photos. No one is looking in the camera. May just be because New Yorkers have better things to do: places to go, people to see, things to do… I enjoyed the quick trip.

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