I was interviewed for a commercial shoot with Cheerios today. I didn’t get the gig, but my failure doesn’t bother me because I feel I was interviewed a bit unfairly.

During first period Western Civilization my history teacher was stressing the importance of essay revision. She spoke about using specific details and definitions in order to accurately describe historical events. She also spoke about the necessity of precision in conveying a message or vision in real-world scenarios. As an example, I was asked to explain my plan for an advertisement. An advertisement for what? For Cheerios. Uh well I don’t know, maybe some children with a healthy lifestyle theme (I vaguely remembered the cholesterol commercials that were run for a while.)

I proved her point rather well. My vagueness caused me to not get the job, but certainly I would have done better if given the chance to prepare. I didn’t want to make it to easy for myself, after all I am a professional. I alloted myself ten minutes, which turned into sixteen. The following is what I scribbled down after watching the two embedded videos of existing Cheerios ads, to identify my target market, and then my concepts for new photographs based upon my observations:

  • father/child
  • cholesterol improvement
  • special family moment
  • young-middle aged man
  • suburban setting
  • relaxing room (couches)
  • pajamas
  • backlit
  • quick camera cuts to different angles
  • blatant product placement
  • stripes on pillow blend with boys shirt
  • all natural whole grain
  • healthy lifestyle
  • wonder in the boy’s voice
  • same father/child scenario
  • replaces the original market of children with adults (stealing the girls breakfast)
  • special family moment
  • business man with healthy lifestyle

Target Market: Men between 35 and 45 years of age who live in suburban neighborhoods and are in the upper-middle class. The men are parents with children from 4 to 10 years of age and work in white-collar business or out of their homes. The men hold a fairly healthy lifestyle but wish to take it more seriously because of recent heart check-ups.

Photographs: Please forgive my sloppy sketches, I was already a few minutes behind schedule at this point.

#1: A man, around 35 years old, sits at a table eating his breakfast. He is dressed in a business suit and is lifting the bowl up to drink all of the milk because he has finished the Cheerios. His son peers up at him from across the table. The purpose of the windows is to show a suburban neighborhood.

#2: This image demonstrates the relationship between eating Cheerios and the lowering of cholesterol. A doctor holds up a chart with an exaggerated graph, which shows a steep dip in bad cholesterol levels. The patient is a man in his mid-forties who is smiling at his improving heart health. He clenches Cheerios in the hand behind his back to give the impression of the cereal being his “trick” to a healthy lifestyle.

#3: This picture highlights the “special family moment” aspect of Cheerios’ existing ad campaign. A young couple eats breakfast-in-bed together with trays of Cheerios. There is a child sitting cross-legged between them eating the cereal dry, out of the box. All the subjects are smiling and laughing at each other rather than focusing on the meal… hence the smiley faces.

This outline needs revision almost as badly as my history essay does. At least it is better than my original interview. With this background planning and knowledge under my belt I would be comfortable to speak with the client about revisions and add-ons. Again, this took me all of 16 minutes to write-up on some notebook paper. I should join the boy scouts with all my preparation.

take a picture,

jack pope


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2 responses to “CHEERIOS”

  1. Merk says :

    Now you are hired đŸ™‚ Very impressed (16 min?!) You have also proven another point: planning is essential for success! Well done.

  2. designhouse9 says :

    For what it’s worth, I love the scene of the family in bed eating Cheerios. It’s so American. It’s so family. It’s so “We’re having fun”! Cheers!

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