To the Art Benefit Haiti reception on Friday night.

If you haven’t heard, Mr. Primo and I have collaborated and somehow managed to pull off a student art show. This Friday the 23rd will be the last day of the exhibit and your last chance to purchase work and/or make donations.

Art Benefit Haiti Reception

Friday, April 23rd

6:30 to 8:30

@ The Litchfield Historical Society

7 South Street Litchfield, CT 06759

The idea came in early February. Jeremy Cowart of Help Portrait sent a mass email to photographers around the world asking them to host local art shows and donate the proceeds to Haiti relief efforts. Cowart urged everyone to hold their show on February 14th, Valentine’s day, so it could be a worldwide event. That allowed about two weeks to prepare and I could have done that. If I ordered some of my pictures to be printed that night and they would be on my door step in two days. If I made calls that night logistics for the show could have been figured out in a week or so. I would have been ready with a few days to spare.

But, in an attempt to stop myself from an excess of self promotion through charity, I wanted to involve the local art community. It is funny that with all of my event planning expertise I thought I could do that with two weeks. February 14th rolled by and only a few local painters had contacted me. Mr. Primo brought up that a number of staff from LHS are artists. We still didn’t have enough work. When we met with Julie and Cathy of The Litchfield Historical Society they suggested a student art show. They said it would be easier to collect work and market. Sure, that sounds good.

We collected of 30 pieces of established student work which are now on display. I hope to see you Friday night.

take a picture and look at some art work,

jack pope


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