Last Wednesday, Chase Jarvis announced his latest endeavor: The site promises free, live, creative education on topics from lighting to fine art painting. Although live video streaming has been a growing trend in social media/networking for a while now thanks to Ustream and similar technologies, this is the most important and ground-breaking use of it I have seen thus far.

Craig Swanson has been toying around with this idea for what seems to be quiet a while. Jarvis helped make it into a reality by offering a great amount of photography-themed “classes”. Some of the best photography instructors in the world are going to be streaming live throughout this quarter. Names include Art Wolfe, David DuChemin, Scott Bourne, Vincent Laforet, and Zack Arias. You can check out the calendar to see when the live shows will be streamed.

If you aren’t available for a showing or want to see something again you can purchase the digital recordings for what are IMO, very cheap prices. The two prices that are displayed so far are for the Ten-Week Fundamentals of Digital Photography Class which is $79 and the Five-Week Photoshop to HTML Class which is $39. These prices are fractions of what it would cost to attend a traditional workshop or seminar and make it move convenient because you will have a digital copy of the class to watch on any desktop computer or portable device you choose.

I am super excited to experience as many as these broadcasts as I can. Next Tuesday at 2PM EDT, Art Wolfe will air with “The Creative Eye” class… count me in!

take a picture,

jack pope


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