In the past week I have worked on two headshot assignments. The first is for Mr. Litchfield, a “Miss America” type event for the Litchfield High School boys. The second is for the high school play, Arsenic and Old Lace.

The above photos were taken during a Mr. Litchfield/Student Council meeting. It was an overcast day and the lobby window provided light that was as soft as it was pale. The images will run in the event program and will be displayed as an advertisement for the show in the halls. [1/320 at f/1.8 ISO 200]

These pictures are of the spring play cast. They will be printed for the event program, and I assume will be paired with each actors’ bio. Lit from a vivitar 285, popping into a shoot-through umbrella, camera left. [1/200 at f/2.0 ISO 100]

These simple headshots are easy enough to make with my lack of lighting. More precisely, my lack of sync cords. My usual two light set up is two pocket wizards with a mini-phone splitter on the recieving unit. I attach the nearest miniphone/hotshoe cable to one side, and an extension miniphone cable with the same miniphone/hotshoe rig to the other side. Since I lost the miniphone extension cable and have not gotten to Radio Shack recently, I am now working with one light.

After learning how to write Photoshop actions for Hustle, my post production for this type of output has changed. Usually when I would edit in a uniformed manner I would write down the layers and adjustments I added on one image, which I had edited to my liking. Then I would apply the steps to every picture. I now use the same concept by replacing the manual work with actions to save time. The post for these headshots involved editing one picture with actions on record, then playing it for all the other pictures. Because my exposure and lighting was fairly consistent it was rare that I had to deviate from the action.

Enough of this boring tech stuff.

My good friend Sara, whom I photographed just before I was informed I did not have to take individual pictures of the lighting crew, volunteered to be a subject for Image of the Week.

Beyond being a subject, she inspired the concept. We conversed while looking up at the auditorium catwalk:

Sara: You should take a picture from up there.
Me: Of you sitting down here?!
Sara: Can I be your image of the week?!

So I climbed up and she lay down. This is what we created:

I like this because even though I pressed the shutter, it still makes me wonder what the ∫@ς! heck is going on? I like it because I have never seen it before. [1/15 at f/1.8 ISO 800]

take a picture,

jack pope


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