The weather has cleared up at a convenient time. My brother got home for spring break on Saturday and it seems he has brought the sun with him. The last few days have been bright and warm, with a constant breeze. With almost a week of consistent, gorgeous weather I am led to believe our rainy summer will be made up for.

I realize I recently posted Snow Day, where I asked for more severe weather. To clarify, here is my philosophy/ideal scenarios. If it is cold, it should snow. If it is warm, it should be sunny.

Here in Litchfield it is both warm and sunny, so we’ve been trying our best to take advantage of it. My first day of climbing last year was some point in April and the rock was almost too cold to touch. I’m thrilled to be out there getting such an early start.

Here is Michael climbing a crack at Whitestone, located in Plymouth, CT. The trail is just off route 8 and you can see the highway from the rock face.

We went to Whitestone on Sunday and Monday, then to Orenaug in Woodbury, CT today. Orenaug offers a larger variety of routes but we focused on one of my favorites, which involves an exciting dyno, as seen here:

{Photo Credit: Michael yielding my cell phone}

I was impatiently awaiting the start of climbing season and never expected it so soon. We decided to climb more this year so I’ll have to hope the weather continues to cooperate. But, with a day or two of rain on the horizon, our eyes are set on some indoor climbing gyms.

take a picture and/or climb a rock,

jack pope


2 responses to “IS THAT THE SUN?”

  1. David Randizzle says :

    fun day man we gotta do it again soon, just tell me when u wanna go and frank will drive us

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