I love snow days. I don’t care how late in June I get out of school. Why? Because when the sun is shining school is slightly more bearable. There is a promise at the end of each day to keep me motivated. Daylight will last for hours after I get home. I can mess around with some friends all day. Even if I am alone, the sun and warm weather offer me happiness and a stronger sense of purpose.

In the winter this is not the case. As much as I love to ski, most of my winter is spent behind this computer screen. Not to say I don’t leave the house. I still hike, build snow forts, and sled. But the time spent outside is significantly shorter and less rewarding than it is in the other three seasons. Anyway, I savor every snow day.

The few hours of daylight that are usually lost during class are more than available during a snow day. My brother and I can mess around all day with our neighbors, both inside and outside. On Wednesday we constructed a very ghetto-rigged igloo. As seen here:

I know I should be using youtube rather than vimeo to publish a video of such low quality (Shot with the Flip Mino). I tried a few times to use youtube. Every time I upload a file it turns it into a clip of only a few seconds, which flies through the frames faster than I can blink. If someone knows what I am doing wrong let me know.

So bring on the snow days. I’m fine with staying until late June. The work doesn’t seem all that bad when there is light at the end of the tunnel.

take a picture,

jack pope


One response to “SNOW DAY”

  1. Merk says :

    The picture of Joey head-first in the snow is hilarious – absolutely love your blog but a longer school year…I’ll check back on June 20th to see how you’re feeling about it. 🙂

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