About a month ago, while taking pictures of my brother skiing, my camera had a fit. Instead of recording an image, the LCD rejected me with an “ERR 99” message. Numerous forums and blogs gave tips and tutorials on how to clear this problem. Like a woman on a diet, I tried everything without any sort of success. I contacted United Camera Repair who would service my warranty and I shipped them my camera. Estimated wait time: 10 days.

That ten days went by. Then another ten days went by. Then another ten days went by. Finally the Fed-Ex delivery person called to inform me that my package was tied to the mailbox. I ripped open the packaging, excited to be able to go out and shoot.The body was cleaned up so well it looked like a new camera all-together. But the same problem still occurs.

I can take pictures as long as I remember to reinstall the battery before turning the camera on. This complication isn’t the end of the world and I am still contemplating whether I should send it back or not, as it could be another month without a camera. For the time being, I was able to enjoy having it back and I got my brother, Blaise, to model. He complained but I know he enjoys it deep down.

His range of facial impressions never ceases to amaze. He likes to mess me up. If I ask for a certain expression, he’ll give me the exact opposite. The two pictures shown above were lit via shoot-through umbrella; high camera left. Flash was a vivitar 285hv connected with pocket wizards. Lens: 50 f/1.8 at about f/2.2.

The photograph directly above is by far my favorite. Blaise doesn’t agree. As usual he thinks there should be a better view of himself. Almost the exact set up as before. All I did was switch out the shoot-through for a DIY mini beauty dish.

take a picture,

jack pope

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