A few recent events have caused me to question the virtual community I have always sworn by. The leaders of this community are pumping out amazing blogs, videos, and images. The current problem is that the people viewing the content have become quite obnoxious.

On Jan 28th, Chase Jarvis announced via blog that he was going to broadcast a photo shoot live. Is that great or what? I thought to myself “what an amazing community this is where people enjoy spending their time and resources to bring people together just because they all enjoy photography.”

Somehow my mother agreed to letting me stay home from school to watch the live shoot. As I sat down to my computer at the start of the broadcast I found the chat room under the video feed and logged in. Fortunately, more good than bad came out of the chat. People were able to give feedback to the team and answer Chase’s questions.

The more bothersome comments came as the models were being introduced. Some users continuously messaged about the sex appeal of the models as if they had to be reminded it was not a porno that was about to be produced. Chase Jarvis Live is not about attractive women but about pictures, inspiration, and the community.

Another instance of a poor audience came recently on Scott Kelby’s blog. When Scott wrote about his feelings towards the iPad. People got into obnoxious arguments on his comment section. Scott handled it well reminding everyone he did not recommend the iPad, but simply stated he plans to buy one. Scott also referred to the engadget blog shutting off their comment section.

Since these few events I have not heard of anymore obnoxious comments. We will see during tomorrow’s Chase Jarvis Live.

take a picture,

jack pope


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