Hustle is a photo project, which emerged from this video. Last November I was lucky enough to attend one of Chase Jarvis‘ Underground meet-ups. One of the topics he spoke on was the necessity of taking a tremendous amount of pictures. The Best Camera is the One That’s With You has a profound quote, “The dirtiest secret in photography: shoot a hell of a lot of pictures to get the ones you want.” Something he recommended doing was to make a stop-motion video. After things began to wrap up I left the studio and walked a few blocks to meet my parents at lunch. With my camera around my neck I hit the shutter at everything and everyone. I did not compose my shots, or correct my exposure (as can be seen with the video). I simply walked through SoHo pointing my camera at people I found interesting.

The idea for the pictures came sometime after I had finished the video. I noticed a few of the images from the stop-motion were rather interesting. I ended up editing 16 out of the 800 I shot. Most were blurred or out of focus. The resulting collection of pictures is an album I fell in love with. I want to go back to NYC as soon as possible just to continue this project.

The dirty, punchy, black and white aesthetic appeared in the images after experimenting with the channel mixer in Photoshop. I came up with a set of adjustments I really like and used them as a way to unify the album. To transfer the look of the pictures into the video I created a Photoshop action with the adjustments I liked and batch processed the pictures before putting them into iMovie.

I thought twice about publishing the video with a copyrighted song. Finally I decided to go ahead with it. If someone wrote a song and put my pictures in the music video without crediting me I would be angered. So here is the credit: The song played to the video is She’s a Rainbow by the Rolling Stones. I thought the song worked well because of the beat and its reference to rain, which is something that is very apparent in the video through the large blown-out puddles. The song and video also contrast because of the music’s expression of color, and the videos lack of it.

I will definitely be continuing the Hustle project with my next trip into the city. Maybe I can even work something out to add onto the video portion of it.

take a picture,

jack pope


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