Yesterday afternoon a friend took me to go see Avatar in 3D IMAX.The film was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. It may have just bumped out Across the Universe as my favorite movie. Having heard people rave about it, Avatar still blew away all of my expectations. It is a powerful film that speaks about the dangers of environmental degradation through the language or romance and human interaction. Beyond the deep message Avatar hosts every other feature that makes a movie enjoyable. The concept and acting are equally ingenious to the acclaimed visual effects.

Seeing it in 3D made it more of an experience than a viewing. Whether I was passing through the jungle with trees right in front of my face or watching  Jake Sully’s star-struck gaze with the seeds of Eywa flying over my head, I had to remind myself it was just a movie. The graphics team did such an amazing job that Pandora’s level of perfection has caused viewers to report withdrawal systems after leaving the theater. Although that seems ridiculous, I felt similar emotions. While the film was wrapping up, I begged under my breath for it to resume after every black transition.

Avatar has been nominated for a great deal of awards and will without a doubt claim many of them. As of today it holds a record-breaking total gross of almost two and half billion dollars. China even went so far as to rename the Southern Sky Column as the Avatar Hallelujah Mountain, yet they claim it has nothing to do with the movie.

I recommend Avatar to everyone and if you get a chance to  see it in 3D IMAX, take it.

take a picture,

jack pope


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